The most important thing. Therefore, the buffet breakfast offers many organic products and does not offer cheap cheese. Quality is a way of life, health awareness, fair trade and a clear conscience.


HOTEL GARAGE € 12.00/24 hours
EXTRA BED until 12 years € 25.00 weeky
CHILDREN from 5 to 9 years € 8.50
FRESH ROLLS and your PERSONAL DAILY NEWSPAPER in front of the door in the morning € 1.00 + value of goods.


Wi-Fi & LAN
if available, EARLY ARRIVAL
with registration DOGS
up to 16 people MEETING ROOM

For our


we act carefully to protect ourselves. The hotel has been using 100% green electricity certificate by the GrünerStrom Label since 2019.

We avoid disposable packaging where this is economically feasible. Our toothbrush glasses are not plastic cups.

We carefully add detergents, bleaches and detergents to the hotel laundry, use economical machines and recycle valuable materials from waste.

We offer taking care of your private laundry and offer also chemical textile care. You find the price table in your room.
Furthermore the 24/7 HOTEL LAUNDRETTE is exclusive for our guests. A washing or a drying cycle including washing powder and fabric softener costs € 3.00

The social


We cover most of our purchases from regional suppliers and prefer to work with private individual companies. We get the bacon from the good butcher around the corner. The cosmetic mirrors in the bathrooms were produced by a family company. And very important: We do not outsource our room cleaning. This makes many things in the hotel more valuable and gives us a really good feeling. Nothing better than passing on the good feeling to you.

In the apartment a filled refrigerator for arrival.
OUR SHOPPING SERVICE € 15.00 + receipt.

Use our service and surprise your partner with a special arrangement in your room.





The rates of the serviced apartments are adjusted according to the length of stay.
The longer you stay with us, the cheaper the price. Overnight stays from …

7 nights from € 94

15 nights from € 84

31 nights from € 74

Hang up your pictures!

We know your plans can change, please inform us about your earlier departure 3 days in advance. Cancellation fees would be charged for a maximum of 3 nights, namely if the earlier departure takes place on the same day without prior notice. The rate is calculated according to the length of your stay. Recalculation is carried out the valid rate for the new length of stay. After arrival, the minimum stay of 7 nights must always be paid. The basic prices for stays under 31 days may vary.

The long-term rate includes taxes, fees and service. The daily cleaning service includes waste disposal, fresh towels, hygiene & cleaning articles. The apartment is cleaned completely and the bed linen is changed every 7th day.

We would be happy to send you an offer. Please use info@apartmet-hotel-bonn.de


Through conferences, summer holiday discounts and winter specials, prices are affected. The energy costs have been compensated.

Standard Studio Apartment
from 7 to 14 nights94.00 €/night
(114.00 2 pers.)
from 15 to 30 nights84.00 €/night
(104.00 2 pers.)
from 31 nights74.00 €/night
(94.00 2 pers.)
Business Studio Apartment (Superior)
from 7 to 14 nights104.00 €/night
(124.00 € 2 pers.)
from 15 to 30 nights94.00 €/night
(114.00 € 2 pers.)
from 31 nights84.00 €/night
(104.00 € 2 pers.)
Deluxe Studio Apartment
from 7 to 14 nights133.00 €/night
(153.00 € 2 pers.)
(178.00 € 3 pers.)
from 15 to 30 nights123.00 €/night
(143.00 € 2 pers.)
(168.00 € 3 pers.)
from 31 nights113.00 €/night
(133.00 € 2 pers.)
(158.00 € 3 pers.)
Bonn charges a city tax of 5% plus these prices to all private stays. Exempt from city tax payments are travelers for professional or medical reasons. 


Einzelzimmer mit 1,40 m breitem französischen Bett und einer Wohnfläche von 16 – 18 qm

Doppelzimmer mit 1,60 m breitem Queenbett und 18 qm Wohnfläche

Doppelzimmer mit 1,80 m breitem trennbaren Doppelbett und 23 qm Wohnfläche

Die Studio Apartments haben bis zu 2 m breite Betten


Some rooms have balconies to the rear. The balconies and access to the garden or courtyard are an alternative for smoking guests.


There were guests like the former White House spokesman Pierre Salinger, Peter Jennings (vice-president of ABC Television) und musicians like Eric Burdon, The Weather Girls, Hot Chocolate, Lenny Kravitz, Little Steven Band, N’Sync und Tito & Tarantula. Many Ministers, wives of federal Chancellors, German celebrities like Dieter Bohlen und Verona Pooth, Herbert Grönemeyer, Iris Berben, Jochen Busse and Karl Dall. The Patriarch of Antioch visited us together with the great-great-great grandson of Emperor Charles and blessed the house in 2012.

Nespresso Kapselsystem

Zum Thema NESPRESSO möchten wir hier besonders eingehen. Umweltbewusste sorgen sich natürlich wegen der Menge an Aluminiumkapseln und den Folgen für die Umwelt. Es gibt es Studien über die Ökobilanz der Nespressokapselsysteme mit einem Ergebnis: Vorausgesetzt die Kapseln werden über den grünen Punkt recycelt schneiden die Nespressosysteme im Vergleich zum Brühen von Filterkaffee sogar besser ab.  Eine Studie mit diesem Ergebnis wurde vom TÜV Rheinland auf Zuverlässigkeit, Transparenz, Relevanz und Repräsentativität der angewandten Methoden und Daten gemäß ISO überprüft. Lesen sie hier mehr über die Studie. Genießen Sie den von uns favorisierten Kaffee ohne Reue! Die Nespresso-Kaffeekapseln werden von uns recycelt.

Long-term Rates Overview*

Standard Studio Apartment

from 7 to 14 overnights
94,00 €/night
(114,00 € 2 pers.)
from 15 to 30 overnights
 84,00 €/night
(104,00 € 2 pers.)
from 31 overnights
74,00 €/night
(94,00 € 2 pers.)

Business Studio Apartment (Superior)

from 7 to 14 overnights
 104,00 €/night
(124,00 € 2 pers.)
from 15 to 30 overnights
 94,00 €/night
(114,00 € 2 pers.)
from 31 overnights
 84,00 €/night
(104,00 € 2 pers.)

Deluxe Studio Apartment

from 7 to 14 overnights
 133,00 €/night
(153,00 € 2 pers.)
(178,00 € 3 pers.)
from 15 to 30 overnights
 123,00 €/night
(143,00 € 2 pers.)
(168,00 € 3 pers.)
from 31 overnights
   113,00 €/night
(133,00 € 2 pers.)
(158,00 € 3 pers.)
All rates include VAT and service.

*Prices are for reference only. Special offers and events may affect prices. The current energy costs have already been compensated here. 

Die Apartments

… is fitted with a wardrobe at the entrance door and a second wardrobe or even a walk-in wardrobe in the room. There are a well-lit workplace and sitting area, modern bathroom with storage and rain shower, rain shower plus extra tub bath or tub/shower combination, very comfortable box spring bed, 3- satellite HDTV, Blu-ray-player, free WiFi and LAN, own doorbell and intercom, laptop safe and mailbox. The smoke detectors are directly connected to the fire department. That’s guaranteed security around the clock. The smoke detectors distinguish between water vapor from pots and dark smoke.

Quality of 100%

Starting with room lighting to the cleaning service, we offer 100% quality and in advance 100% transparent rates. Long-term stays are valid from 7 nights stay. The daily housekeeping includes garbage disposal, replacement of toilet tissue and fresh towels when ever you like for bathroom and kitchen. The complete cleaning is set to a fixed weekday. You also do not pay for a final cleaning on departure. WiFi & LAN & TV are inclusive. If you want more, like our fine breakfast buffet, parking in the hotel garage, please order at the reception; of course all our services are always at your disposal.

Laundry service

Let our laundry service wash your clothes. We wash, dry and iron with economic machines. Shirts and fine clothes we give out of the house. Leave at the reception until 10 o’clock on weekdays, the clothes will be brought fresh and clean to your room in the evening.


Single room with 1,40 m wide french bed and 16 – 18 sqm living area.

Double room with 1.60 m wide queen bed and 18 sqm living space

Double room with 1,80 m wide separable double bed and 23 sqm living area

Studio apartments have beds up to 2 m wide

Hygienic and anti-allergic

To ensure your peaceful sleep with a good air exchange, we have equipped our beds with high quality hypoallergenic duvets. Also synthetic blankets are available on request. The pillows are basically synthetic and antiallergic. The floors are not covered with carpets and therefore hygienic.

Cots and extra beds

Children up to 7 years stay free of charge in existing beds. For extra terry towels, we take care of course.

Baby cots and extra beds are available for children up to 12 years for € 25.00 / week.

A maximum of one baby cot or one children bed is available for Standard & Business (Superior) Studio Apartments.

In the Deluxe Studio Apartments, two children aged 7-12 years sharing the Sofa bed pay each 50% of the adult fee. For the third child up to 6 years you book an extra cot or an extra bed for € 25,00 / week.

Please register your children in advance and give us the opportunity to prepare the beds.

Extra beds are not available from 13 years. The children count like adults.

Im Hotelzimmer steht für Sie ein Willkommenspräsent bereit. Eine Auswahl von Kaffees &   Premiumtees mit Zucker, Milch & Zitrone und eine Flasche Mineralwasser 0,75 l.

Our boxspring beds

… are additionally equipped with Viscotherm mattress toppers. The material has a soft touch, comes from space research and fits the body in a supportive way.Together with the incomparable convenience, the toppers provide pressure relief and very good moisture exchange which is a great advantage, especially in summer.The toppers are very easy to clean, skin-friendly, neutral allergen and offer the best possible hygiene.