Kaiser Karl Historical

The Kaiser Karl Hotel was opened in 1983 and rushed immediately the Top 10 of the most beautiful Garni hotels in Germany. Soon after the 2 stars cook Peter Himbert cooked for the guests in the Bistro at Kaiser Karl Hotel in the finest.

The hotel was characterized by splendid materials and select furniture: marble floors, mahogany paneling, Venetian Murano mirrors and chandeliers, crystal and gold fittings in the bathrooms gave the house the exclusive flair.

The Kaiser Karl was the setting for films and interviews, most recently for Heidi Klum's Germany's Next Top Model. Prominent guests slept in the suites, the White House spokesman Pierre Salinger, Peter Jennings (Vice-President of ABC Television) and well-known musicians such as Eric Burdon, The Weather Girls, Hot Chocolate, Lenny Kravitz, Little Steven band N'Sync and Tito & Tarantula.

Many ministers, chancellors’ wives, the great-grandson of Charles and the Patriarch of Antioch, Dieter Bohlen and Verona Pooth, Herbert Grönemeyer, Iris Berben, Jochen Busse and Karl Dall were our welcome guests.

The Kaiser Karl Hotel was and still is a business hotel and subject to the particular requirements. The hotel was closed in March 2012 due to large-scale modernization. Walls had to be removed for more room, but some of the old facilities will remain.

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